Your Wisconsin River Adventure Starts Here

2016 Season

Boscobel: May 1 - Nov.

Sauk City: May 9 - Sept 18

Hours: 9 - 5

Reservations are HIGHLY recommended

NO GLASS/Fireworks

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Glass (bottles and jars included) and Fireworks are STRICTLY prohibited on the Wisconsin River. Assume your gear will be inspected by the Dept. of Natural Resources and you WILL get ticketed upto $749 for prohibited items.

2011 Information Packet – available in .pdf

Please feel free to download this packet, save it on your computer and forward it to everyone in your group. 

Our Information Packet includes:
  • Trifold Brochure

  • Weather/High Water Policy and Lightening Safety Tips

  • Canoe Care Guidelines

  • Suggested Packing List for Canoe Rentals

  • Assumption of Risk Agreement

  • Maps

  • GPS Coordinates of Boat Landings and our 2 Locations

  • Subway Style Map

  • Written Directions to All the Boat Landings we serve and our 2 Locations

Lined up and ready to hit the water at the Lone Rock boat landing.