Your Wisconsin River Adventure Starts Here

2016 Season

Boscobel: May 1 - Nov.

Sauk City: May 9 - Sept 18

Hours: 9 - 5

Reservations are HIGHLY recommended

NO GLASS/Fireworks

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Glass (bottles and jars included) and Fireworks are STRICTLY prohibited on the Wisconsin River. Assume your gear will be inspected by the Dept. of Natural Resources and you WILL get ticketed upto $749 for prohibited items.

Scouts and Nonprofits Information

WRO has quickly become the "go to" source for religious groups, Scouts and nonprofit organizations around the Midwest when they're considering offering a canoe trip to their members. Whether it's a single or multiday canoe/kayak rental or a fully outfitted guided trip for 2 or more days WRO brings experience and quality gear that can't be found anywhere else.

We also understand that you can bring the groups! Getting folks on the water is what we do. Our attitude is the more people we can get on the water the better place the world will be.

Rental Rates

Our special discounted rate is $30 per canoe or kayak, per day. Our standard rate is $45 for a single day and $35 per day for the multiday rate. You will paddle the same high quality roylex Wenonah canoes and will all get a more comfortable PFD to wear instead of the "Mae West" orange life vests, while supplies last.

There is also a flat transport fee for your group of $2 per mile.  So, if you do a 14 mile trip we would add onto your canoe rental total $28 to transport the group.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Download our Scout/Nonprofit Rental Contract.

Guided Trip Rates

Because we provide guided trips anywhere in the state of Wisconsin our guided trip rates vary based on destination and type of craft used, canoe or kayak.

A guided trip on the WI River, our most popular destination, is $50 per person, per day (our standard rate is $75/day). The average 2 day trip includes 3 meals (lunch, dinner and the following morning's breakfast) and guide and costs $100 per person (there is a minimum group charge of $500/day so keeping your group above 10 people is to your advantage). We can provide trips for as many as 5-7 days based on your needs. As long as we have camping/lodging availability on the waterway you wish to paddle we'll make it work.