Your Wisconsin River Adventure Starts Here

2016 Season

Boscobel: May 1 - Nov.

Sauk City: May 9 - Sept 18

Hours: 9 - 5

Reservations are HIGHLY recommended

NO GLASS/Fireworks

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Glass (bottles and jars included) and Fireworks are STRICTLY prohibited on the Wisconsin River. Assume your gear will be inspected by the Dept. of Natural Resources and you WILL get ticketed upto $749 for prohibited items.

NEWS FLASH – Trash bags DO NOT work for keeping your gear dry!

If there's only one "extra" you decide to purchase from us PLEASE let it be a dry bag!  We've seen folks camp overnight with wet sleeping bags, clothes and perhaps worst of all, pillows because they honestly believed that a trash bag would keep their gear dry.

One Little PrickNRS 3.8 Bill's Bag Dry Bag

Yes, only one little prick hole will get your gear wet.  You can get the hole at any time:

  • when you load the gear into the trash bag

  • when you put the trash bag into the canoe

  • when you put something in the canoe next to the trash bag

  • part way through your trip when you go to retrieve something out of your canoe

  • and God forbid you have kids with you or it rains…pretty much guaranteed to get wet then! 

We have high quality, RUGGED (like military tuff) dry bags made from 21 oz. PVC/Polyester for the body and 34 oz. for the bottom.  These bags can handle a LOAD with 6,000 cubic inches of storage (realistically you should only need one bag per canoe with 2 people sharing the bag).

If you're bringing an IPOD, cell phone, digital camera or any other sort of electronic gear you don't want getting wet…this will be the best 10 Bucks you ever spent!

Cost is $10 for the length of your trip.

We also have a small size available for those who are doing day trips and don't want phones and the like getting wet, $5.