Your Wisconsin River Adventure Starts Here

Wisconsin River Tube Rentals

Available ONLY at our Sauk City LocationWhat?  I don't look relaxed?

Wisconsin River Outing Tube RentalJust like our canoes and kayaks we’re providing “not-your-average-tube-rental.”  We’ve sourced our tubes from NRS, who also provides our kayak paddles and dry bags.  You’ll be “tubin” on a tire inner tube with a nylon exterior for “tuber comfort.”

There are sand bars along the route for you to pull out on and lounge a few hours away.  Feel free to bring a cooler, no glass, and have lunch on one of our sunny sand bars.

The rate for a day rental on the 2.25 mile run from Veteran’s Park in Prairie du Sac downriver to our Sauk City Tied up and floating along.location at the US 12 bridge is $15.00 per tube, we also have tubes to float your cooler available.  The rate includes transport up river and a life vest, required by law.  One tube per person.  We DO NOT allow tubes to be used in conjunction with canoe/kayak rentals and we do not allow tubes downriver from our location in Sauk City.  Sorry, no pets on the tube run.

Cooler Tubes will hold a cooler as large as 27″ x 16″ for $15.

Join us for a tube rental and spend a lazy afternoon floating down the river.